LOCAL LEGEND: River Heads Harp maker Brandden Lassells.
LOCAL LEGEND: River Heads Harp maker Brandden Lassells. Emily Black

Fraser Coast welcomes world renowned harp maker

IT'S NOT every day that you meet a harp maker and River Heads is one of the last places you'd expect to find one.

Brandden Lassells moved to the area one year ago, bringing his harps, which he has custom built for more than two decades, with him.


"Twenty plus years ago I was fascinated by harps and started to play only to find out I was not that good at playing, but thought I could make a better harp than the ones I knew about," Mr Lassells said.


"I visited harp makers around the world to learn about making harps and then returned to Australia, hung out my shingle and have been making harps ever since.

"I then branched out to importing harps from around the world, renting harps and a speciality of restoring antique harps.

"I usually have around 25 harps on display, mostly imported ones as the harps that I make are all custom made to order."

Today, Mr Lassells is renowned for his skills across the world, and exports his pre-ordered custom built harps.

"We are one of the largest harp dealers in Australia ," he said.

"Our timber harps are custom made to order and an individual's requirements.

"However, we have developed Australia's first and only light weight fully carbon fibre harp which other than a few options like colour are all standard.

"Our customers are varied but most are individuals who perform or play in bands and a large number are for the person's own enjoyment."


As of next year, those interested in learning to play the harp will be able to start their journey on the Fraser Coast.

"My partner Linda McCullough can give introductory lessons and intends to start a harp group this coming February," Mr Lassells said.

"This will give people the opportunity to come and play a harp and learn the basics so they then can decide to rent or purchase their own harp if they take to it like most people do.

"Harps and harp playing has seen a significant increase in interest over the last decade or two and is definitely becoming a more popular instrument."

If you'd like to know more, phone 4125 8393.