Fraser Island will stay off limits to Bundy council: Everard

FRASER Coast regional councillor Darren Everard, whose division covers Fraser Island, says it would be "unlikely" Bundaberg's jurisdiction would ever be extended to the Fraser Island land mass.

"Would Fraser Coast give Bundaberg the top of Fraser Island? Well, I don't think so, but it would be logistically a nightmare for Bundaberg Regional Council to look after," Cr Everard said.

"But if they want to give us their budget for fixing up the roads on the island and taking the rubbish off the island, I'm sure we would accommodate them because it costs us an absolute fortune."

His comments follow the State Government's realisation, during a boundary review process, that the ocean area - stretching from Burnett Heads to Burrum Heads and out to Fraser Island - was not allocated to a local government authority.

Cr Everard said advice he received from a Brisbane colleague on the possibility suggested it would be good if they split up Fraser Island.

"But it would be logistically a nightmare and it would never happen," he said.

Cr Everard said his division on Fraser Island had only 1% control of the island anyhow.

"We only control the built communities, the townships - the rest is National Park," he said.

"We control the roads and the rubbish and that sort of stuff, the rest of it has nothing to do with us."

Cr Everard said his division on the island was "really complicated".

Bundaberg Regional Council's division one, represented by Alan Bush, covers a section of the Coral Sea from Burrum Heads up to Baffle Creek and out to the tip of Fraser Island, but does not include the land mass.

Cr Bush agreed it would be a logistical nightmare if the Bundaberg Regional Council shared control of Fraser Island.

"It'd be impractical for us to have half of Fraser Island because of this distance we'd have to travel," he said.

"And it'd just be an administration nightmare."

The sea area of Cr Bush's division is larger than the land area.

"It's a little bit of a joke, I tell them that I don't need a vehicle to get around. I should have a boat to go out there and inspect my ocean division," he said.

"But over the years I've been on council, I can't remember any time we've been in any discussion with any concerns over the waterway."