Fried chicken surprise in boot discovered on roadside

POLICE conducting a usual roadside car check came across an unusual sight of panting chickens.

Vietnamese-speaking Rockhampton businessman Thanh Chong Dang had stopped at Neerkol Creek to get fishing bait after purchasing seven live chickens.

Unfortunately, when police checked his car and discovered the chickens in distress due to the 32 degree heat.

Dang, 36, pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of animal cruelty.

A Vietnamese interpreter was required for yesterday's proceedings.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police looked in the car parked on the side of Capricorn Highway near the Neerkol Creek Bridge at 12.25pm on February 3 and discovered the chickens in a cage in the boot of the vehicle.

Dang, before he left the vehicle, had pulled part of the back seat down and left the back windows down so the chickens could get air.

"They were panting heavily and some were not moving," Mr Fox said.

"There was no food or water in the cage.

"The defendant told police he was travelling home to Norman Gardens after picking up the chickens."

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said Dang, a business owner with a shop at Stockland who works seven days a week, had stopped "momentarily" at the creek to get fishing bait.

"He only stopped for a few minutes because he didn't want the chickens to die," she said.

"He is very sorry they were panting in the back of the car."

All seven chickens survived.

Dang was fined $750 and no conviction was recorded.