COLD SNAP: Fraser Coast police have handed out several speeding fines to start the holidays.
COLD SNAP: Fraser Coast police have handed out several speeding fines to start the holidays. FILE

Frightening number of speedsters caught on Fraser Coast

IN THE first five days of school holidays, 23 people have been caught speeding on Fraser Coast roads.

Operation Cold Snap was launched on Friday, June 29 and in that time, 23 traffic infringement notices have been issued from police in Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tiaro and Howard.

It's a concerning number considering 116 people have lost their lives on Queensland roads so far this year.

One of the more recent accidents in the Wide Bay was on Wednesday night where a 30-year-old woman was killed between Gympie and Tiaro.

Just before 6pm, the woman crashed her motorbike near the old Bruce Highway at Kybong.

The tragedy occurred less than a week after two people were killed on June 28 when a horror collision occurred between two cars and a truck on the Bruce Hwy at Kolonga.

It's a frightening reality as the Bruce Hwy continues to remain a dangerous stretch for accidents.

Of the notices issued since school holidays started on Friday, about 10 were issued along the Bruce Hwy within the Cherwell-Howard area with the remainder predominately between Curra and Tiaro along the Bruce Hwy.

Some were issued along the Burnett Highway near and surrounding Ban Ban Springs while most of the notices issued were directly related to exceeding speed.

Speedsters were clocked travelling from just 2km/h over the limit to 20km/h over the limit.


One of the traffic intercepts, which was along Sydney St, Maryborough, involved a mobile phone offence and unrestrained passengers.

Others involved driving or parking a defective vehicle, driving along a traffic island and wilfully making noise/smoke.

Maryborough Patrol Group Crime Prevention Coordinator Senior Constable Melanie Ryan said the message was simple - "if you speed, you will be caught".

"There are a number of marked and unmarked police vehicles patrolling main highways and main roads to ensure the safety for all motorists," she said.

"Just over is over the limit.

"It doesn't matter if you are 2km over or 20km over, every single km over changes your stopping distance and reaction time in the dry and then in the wet."