Front lawn skid marks in Point Vernon earn $250 fine

A MAN who left skid marks on the front lawn of a home in Point Vernon has been fined $250 in court.

Matthew Adam King was visiting a friend's residence on December 1 when he hooked up a trailer to his car.

Having a limited amount of space, he used a neighbour's front yard to execute a turn and the court heard he had left marks in the neighbour's lawn.

The neighbour called police and described King's dark-coloured Holden Commodore.

The neighbour told police King had done a "huge burnout" at the prompting of another male person and made marks measuring 10m in her yard.

King was questioned by police and admitted driving onto the victim's property.

But he denied the accusation of doing a burnout.

King said he did not believe he had made any marks on the lawn.

When Magistrate Dennis Beutel asked him if it was possible he had, King agreed it was possible.

Magistrate Beutel said he accepted that the defendant had not been doing a burnout.

The court heard King was employed, was living with his parents and no longer had contact with the people he was visiting at Point Vernon.