Frozen broccoli recalled after glass found in bags

THOUSANDS of bags of frozen broccoli grown in China  have been taken off supermarket shelves after glass was found in at least one bag of the vegetable sold in the eastern states.

A product recall notice was issued on Monday for the Black and Gold "Broccoli Florets" products, after "foreign matter" was detected in bags of the frozen goods.

The recall includes supermarket outlets across Queensland and New South Wales, including IGA, Foodworks and other independent grocery stores.

But the notice applies only to 500gm bags of the frozen broccoli dated "best before 8 July 2014".

The notice said: "Food products containing glass may cause injury if consumed".

Vegetable producer group AUSVEG has raised concerns the contamination of the products with glass "has the potential for people to lose confidence in frozen food".

AUSVEG public affairs manager William Churchill said some consumers might confuse "safety shortfalls of Chinese produce" with all frozen foods.

"The country of origin declaration on the back of the packet is hard to identify and some consumers may associate the risks of eating Chinese frozen vegetables with Australian frozen produce," he said.

Consumers were advised they should not eat the product and should return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.