Fraser Coast residents are frustrated by a lack of mobile phone reception. Generic image.
Fraser Coast residents are frustrated by a lack of mobile phone reception. Generic image.

Frustrated residents call out ‘appalling’ phone service

JUST 3km from the Maryborough city centre, Neil Adsett struggles to make a phone call.

The Granville resident is so frustrated by his unreliable mobile phone service, he wonders whether it's worth having a phone plan at all.

"In a city the size of Maryborough, it should be expected that reception should be at least three or four bars in all locations," Mr Adsett said.

Instead, he routinely finds himself wandering around outside his house to stop phone calls from dropping out.

As he says, "that's not a guarantee either".

The Telstra customer, who has been with the telco giant for 10 years, said reception in his home was "appalling", barely registering one bar.

He said as far as he knew, Telstra had no tower on his side of town.

Mr Adsett was just one of the Fraser Coast residents who reached out to the Chronicle to share their frustrations with mobile phone reception.

Telstra regional general manager, May Boisen, said roof repairs at the Maryborough exchange were to blame for recent coverage issues in Granville.

"We understand that this was frustrating for customers at the time, but these repairs were critically important and have since been completed with full coverage restored," she said.

In response to reports of ongoing coverage issues, Ms Boisen there were "many factors that influenced mobile coverage, including terrain, trees, buildings and the type of handsets used."

"If this is an indoor coverage issue then we encourage the customers to get in touch with us so we can recommend some solutions," she said.

Mr Adsett was not alone in his coverage concerns.

Denise Young from Tinana said she had "close to no mobile reception" in her house, set on a three-acre Hardie St property.

"We must go out on our veranda (which goes around entire house) and walk around to try and get one bar," Mrs Young said.

"If the mobile happens to ring, the reception is so bad, it either drops out, or if you know the caller we must ring them back on our landline.

"We receive most of our text messages and missed call messages when we start to drive into town then the 'beeps' start coming through."

Ms Boisen said there were no coverage issues with the Tinana base station, which underwent a large upgrade in August last year.