Robyne Cuerel

Future-proof businesses are vital to our success

HERVEY Bay clubs are spending a fair chunk of change to "keep up with the Joneses" - but it's all good news for the local economy.

The Hervey Bay RSL's planned $17 million renovation will be the club's response to the growing demand for quality venues, following in the footsteps of the revamped Beach House Hotel and the refreshed golf club.

Plus there is the Hervey Bay Boat Club's planned $70 million mega-development, which would add a 100-room hotel and conference centre to the harbour area.

Further afield, the Maryborough RSL's renovations are also creating a buzz.

The Hervey Bay RSL renovations will also stand the club in good stead for years to come if the council's proposed Hervey Bay CBD "urban renewal" goes ahead.

Club manager Jason Lynch's comments about "future-proofing" the business are spot-on. That type of forward thinking from local businesses and clubs is vital to the region's success.

But it won't just be the club and its guests that benefits from the renovation.

All these developments add up to some serious investment in the Fraser Coast region.

There will be added construction jobs, and in all likelihood, increased opportunities for hospitality workers, so the money will start flowing before doors even open.