ON FRIDAY people from across the Fraser Coast came together to admire the work of many respected artists from across the region.

The Common Ground exhibit officially opened to the public alongside Janet Heisner's Journeys exhibition on February 8.

Common Ground took more than two years to come to fruition, with the Fraser Coast Art Collective coming together to make it a reality.

The exhibition takes in a range of subjects. from the environment to animals, music and the journey of the human soul.

Curator Susie Lewis said Common Ground was born off the back of artists in the collective wanting to learn industry skills, including how to put an exhibition together.

Linda Gray, whose work is part of the exhibit, said a lot of the time artists were working alone in their own little studios.

"This was just such a wonderful opportunity to bring us all together," she said.

Ms Lewis said the group wanted to choose a theme that wasn't specific to one group of people and would be appreciated wherever it was shown in the world.