ONE look at the class of 2019 and Vanessa Done knows she's leading and working alongside some of the finest female role models in Maryborough.

Ms Done was the guest speaker at Maryborough State High School's International Women's Day Luncheon, attended by the year 12 girls and all the school's female staff.

Male staff at the school attended playground duty to allow the women to attend the meeting.

The event raised funds for the One Girl organisation, a group dedicated to empowering women in Africa through education programs.

Ms Done, the school's Head of Science, spoke passionately about the need for women to remain in education so as to change their entire culture.

"The class of 2019 is a beautiful class of girls, I have such high hopes for all of them," Ms Done said.

"The idea is that our year 12 girls can look around the room and see they've got mentors.

International Women's Day has remained a significant event for Ms Done, who last year spoke about the importance of women standing up for their rights, gender equality and health services.

Speaking to the Chronicle on Friday, she said it was important girls continued to celebrate International Women's Day due to last year's #metoo movement highlighting continued inequality.

"It's just so inspiring to see these girls are realising there are so many more opportunities than anybody had before they went to high school," Ms Done said.

"Now, how many doors do these guys have to walk through?

"It's just so fantastic to see."