Dyshart Morgan from Toogoom and Alex Butler from Craignish hoping to catch a fish or two.
Dyshart Morgan from Toogoom and Alex Butler from Craignish hoping to catch a fish or two. Alistair Brightman

GALLERY: Toogoom Family Fishing Competition results

MORE than 140 live fish were caught and released at the Toogoom Family Fishing Competition on the weekend.

About 300 people attended the annual event which ran from Friday until Sunday.

Toogoom Fishing Club president Andy Mizon thanked all the event's sponsors for making the three-day classic possible.

"I'd also like to thank all the people that entered and fished and we all hope to see them back next year.

"To have 143 live fish released into Beelbi Creek out of the 235 that were caught was fantastic.

"Thank you also to all the members that help make Toogoom fishing comp a great family weekend," he said.


Kevin Lee from Pacific Haven found himself the ecstatic new owner of a new boat after he won this year's Super Draw.

The 3.5 Nomad boat, trailer and 9.9 four stroke motor was sponsored by Buccaneers, Hervey Bay.

"It's just terrific," he said with a wide smile.

"I won some beer and an esky last year and I donated the esky back and now I've won the boat."

The main raffle prize of a Trailers Now trailer filled with handyman and electrical goods, valued at $3,000, was won by Sandra Burton who collected it for her son Matthew.

The kayak prizes went to Lucas Kapernak and Zoe Whiteside.

In the junior division Cassie Nolan had a great competition taking out the heaviest live gar weighing 0.112kg, heaviest dead gar at 0.030kg, closest to the secret weight (.085kg) her catch coming in at 0.112kg and runner up for the heaviest live brim at 0.672kg.

Steve Binney cleaned up in the senior's results pulling in the heaviest live whiting and runner up at 0.609kg and 0.394kg respectively.

He also collected the runner up accolade for the heaviest dead whiting at 0.457kg and runner up for the heaviest live grunter at 0.823kg.

Junior results:

  • Heaviest Live Whiting: Maddisen Bulmer 0.359
  • Runner Up: Emily Beddows 0.288
  • Heaviest Dead Whiting: Ethan Green 0.315
  • Runner Up: Dylan Kash 0.286
  • Secret Weight (.196): Lauchlan Hunt / Taj McKay 0.187
  • Heaviest Live Bream: Taj McKay 0.743
  • Runner Up: Cassie Nolan 0.672
  • Heaviest Dead Bream: Tristan Luckerbauar 0.571
  • Runner Up: Dylan Kash 0.467
  • Secret Weight (.393): Noah Keller 0.395
  • Heaviest Live Gar: Cassie Nolan 0.112
  • Heaviest Dead Gar: Cassie Nolan 0.030
  • Secret Weight (.085): Cassie Nolan 0.112

Senior results:

  • Heaviest Live Whiting: Steve Binney 0.609
  • Runner Up: Steve Binney 0.394
  • Heaviest Dead Whiting: John Godfrey 0.457
  • Runner Up: Steve Binney 0.342
  • Secret Weight (.241): John Browne 0.240
  • Heaviest Live Bream: Barry Atkins 0.831
  • Runner Up: John Browne 0.688
  • Heaviest Dead Bream: Kay Ratcliffe 0.747
  • Runner Up: Hannah Sorensen 0.539
  • Secret Weight (.444): Luke Nolan 0.445
  • Heaviest Live Grunter: Kim Tindale 1.161
  • Runner Up: Steve Binney 0.823
  • Heaviest Live Mamgrove Jack: Joshua Ozanne 0.780
  • Heaviest Live Flathead: Grant Barlogie 1.778
  • Runner Up: Hannah Sorensen 1.456
  • 1.368 Secret Weight (.912): Joshua Ozanne 0.995
  • Heaviest Grass Sweetlip: Michelle Hatchman 0.870
  • Runner Up: James Palmer 0.754
  • Heaviest Mud Crab James: Palmer 1.326
  • Runner Up: James Palmer 1.193