SCORING a hat-trick in this year's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Competition was last year's champion grower, George May from Monto.   Mr May's pumpkins took out first, second and third places at 48.70kg, 48.50kg and 45.15kg.   

  Fraser Coast Agriculture Show Society president Melinda Wright said Mr May was genuinely surprised to hear his pumpkins had scored a hat-trick in this year's competition.    "George and his wife Valerie were just so lovely. He had fun; he was genuinely surprised. You could see the joy in his eyes. It was beautiful; that's what it's all about," Ms Wright said.    Despite the 2020 Fraser Coast Show being cancelled due to COVID-19, the annual competition went ahead with Kingston's Rural Supplies providing the venue as well as vouchers for prizes.

  The pumpkins were judged yesterday, the winning entries announced, and prizes presented.    "We had a total of 16 pumpkins, including some from Aldridge High School for the display only, not judging.   "George took his pumpkins back to Monto yesterday, but the remaining fruits will be on display at Kingston's Rural Supplies for the rest of this week."