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Create your own "mum zone" - you deserve it. iStock

Get in the 'mum zone' to wind down at home

Women - as an older lady once said to me, "You've got to ask yourself, what has women's lib done for them? Now they are expected to do it all!”

But this got me thinking, what about a dedicated (often much needed) "mum zone” in the home?

It's no surprise to any woman, in spite of changing times, that women still do the majority of the cooking and cleaning.

A recent survey undertaken by Fantastic Furniture also found that the majority of mothers (more than 70 per cent) would dearly love their own personal space in the family home.

While the man cave has become a commonly accepted concept for men, the survey revealed there is rarely an equivalent for the women of the home.

Interestingly, more than half of the women surveyed (57 per cent) said they wanted gorgeous furniture and co-ordinated accessories in their favourite colours, that are more often than not, pastel shades.

Other popular essential items for the "mum zone” included a comfy sofa, her choice of music plus fresh flowers or quality faux flowers.

Whatever your family situation - consider for sanity's sake - claiming a space that is just for you, the woman or mother in the home.

That space can be a corner of the lounge room, a corner space in the dining area or an entire room if you're lucky enough to have that space.

The trick to the success of any claimed mum zone is to guard and uphold the boundaries.

But as a mother, you know better than most about setting boundaries and you also know you deserve it.