Adding colour and accessorising with appliances in a contemporary kitchen.
Adding colour and accessorising with appliances in a contemporary kitchen. iStock

Get kitchen appliances to work in function and style

Worth an estimated $30 billion annually, Australians tend to believe that when it comes to kitchen appliances - you get what you pay for. Most of us recognise the value in spending a little bit more for quality.

Multi-function KitchenAid: The KitchenAid is unquestionably the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances. However, there is little point in spending a small fortune unless you intend to use most of the functions of this appliance.

Coffee machines: The new generation pod coffee machines and cafe-style coffee machines are now almost standard in most kitchens. If you do use a coffee pod machine, ensure that you buy the environmentally friendly pods, otherwise they are destined - in great numbers - for long-term landfill.

Toaster: As well as an increase in the variety of sizes available, there are now attractive, coloured ceramic and metallic toasters to choose from. If you do purchase a toaster with stainless steel finish, ensure you buy the best quality you can afford as cheap stainless steel appliances degrade very quickly.

Kettle: The latest electric glass kettles are considered stylish and possibly healthier, though the vintage inspired ceramic kettles can be incredibly attractive.

Blender: The blender is a kitchen staple with multiple functions, from blending up a smoothie or vegetables for soup, to crushing ice for frozen drinks.

SodaStream: The SodaStream saves on landfill and allows you to make your own sparkling water. But somewhat confusingly each of the large national stores stock their own model of the gadget, so you may find it helpful to compare models and prices before purchasing.