HAPPY TO VOTE: Gillian Palise has been given the go ahead to vote in the council election.
HAPPY TO VOTE: Gillian Palise has been given the go ahead to vote in the council election. Alistair Brightman

Gillian fights for her right to vote following ECQ mix-up

GILLIAN Palise is encouraging people to fight for their right to vote, after a mix-up with the Electoral Commission of Queensland meant she almost missed out.

Ms Palise has just left on a four-week tour of Europe, but as her departure was before pre-polling opens on March 7 and she has no ability to do a postal vote in the next month, she was told by the ECQ she would not be able to exercise her democratic right to vote.

After unresolved disputes with the commission's call centre, Ms Palise would not take no for an answer.

"It's my right as an Australian to vote," she said.

It took a private message through to the Queensland Electoral Commission's Facebook page for Ms Palise to receive a simple message.

"A gentleman on there rang me up and said of course you can vote, you just need to go to the Hervey Bay electoral office," she said.

Yesterday she was able to attend the Hervey Bay electoral office and cast her vote for the Coast's leaders.

Commission spokeswoman Yvette Zischke would not comment on Ms Palise's situation, but said anybody could contact the organisation.

"Electors are able to call our contact centre who will assist with queries," she said.

But finding a dead-end at the call centre and resorting to Facebook to organise her vote has left Ms Palise worried others might be in the same situation.

"I was dealing with the call centre - there must be other people like me who would like to vote and are being told they can't vote," she said.

"I am a bit upset but it all worked out."

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