Gold is synonymous with wealth, but too much and it's Trump-like.
Gold is synonymous with wealth, but too much and it's Trump-like. iStock

Gold accent adds touch of glamour to your interior

Of all the metallic finishes, including copper and brass, it's gold that's still in the race. The shimmering metallic colour is found not only adorning decorative objects, but also on large-scale furnishings, wallpapers and even bed linen.

The thing that's great about using gold as an accent in your home is you only require one great piece. So the upside is, you don't have to spend too much to achieve a desired effect. But, like anything, buy the best your budget can afford. For instance, a genuine gold gilt frame will always be more pleasing than a cheap replica.

A gold highlighted chair, lamp or a scattering of gold cutlery will make a room feel warmer and uplifting.

Not restricted to interiors, this look works almost anywhere. Whether it's gold pots for the garden or an inflatable gold swan for the pool, where there is gold there is glamour.

There are now stylish half-gold light globes on the market for minimalists. I imagine they would look amazing in a hanging pendant light.

If you want to DIY your gold luxe effect, you can spraypaint a vase, decorate with gold wallpaper, or add antique-looking gold studs to your upholstered furniture.

If there's one piece of advice that is worth its weight in gold, it's to avoid blitzing the house and going all bling. What you will end up with is a tawdry, Trump Hotel lobby effect.

There have been few stronger influences in contemporary interiors than the gold highlight in recent years - and it doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon. But, again don't overdo it; the accent is on accent.