The granddaughter was raped twice on one day.
The granddaughter was raped twice on one day.

Grandad jailed for raping his granddaughters

A GOLD Coast woman was only eight when she was raped twice by her grandfather but her family refused to believe her.

They also did not believe her half-sister who also told her parents the same man had raped her.

Ten years after the pair first told their family the grandfather, 69, is behind bars after he admitted to the horrific acts.

"I was demonised by my family and labelled a liar … blamed for a lie I never told," she told the court.

Her grandfather yesterday pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, six counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16 and one count each of attempted rape and common assault.

Judge Catherine Muir sentenced the man to six years prison with parole eligibility on December 20, 2020.

"You preyed upon two granddaughters you knew were vulnerable, who loved and trusted you," Judge Muir said.

"She made complaints in 2008 and they were not believed - this makes this case particularly awful."

The woman, now 22, faced her grandfather yesterday, spending ten minutes telling him how what he did had affected her during an emotional speech in court.

The woman suffers panic attacks so severe she blacks out, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"It has effected relationship with my employers … the longest time I spent employed was six months and I was fired for having too much time off," she said.

The woman said she was cut off from her family, including after she told them of the attack in 2008 when she was just 12.

The woman spoke to a psychologist about the attacks after she overdosed on painkillers in 2011 but it was not until 2016 that she went to police.

Crown prosecutor Stephanie Gallagher told the court the woman was raped twice on the same day by her grandfather when she was staying at his place in 2004.

"It really was a gross breach of trust placed with him," she said.

"It was opportunistic, occurring at times when they were asleep in bed with him."

She said three years later the grandfather sexually touched her while they were driving in a car.

Ms Gallagher said the man attempted to rape his step-granddaughter between 2005 and 2007 when she was 12 or 13.

In the same year he forced her to perform oral sex when she had been lying with her head in his lap.

"There can be no doubt that this offending has had a drastic impact on her life and it continues today although the offences occurred over a decade ago," she said.

Defence barrister James McNab, instructed by Brooke Winter Solicitors, said the grandfather had undergone a number of counselling sessions.

"It's a very early plea largely because he didn't want to put the complainants through any more than what they had been through," he said.

Mr McNab also provided letters of apology the grandfather had written to the two women.