This is the original photo posted on the Good Life Festival Facebook page. We have just added the red circle to point out the 'ghost'.
This is the original photo posted on the Good Life Festival Facebook page. We have just added the red circle to point out the 'ghost'. Good Life Festival | Facebook

Good Life Festival ghost: real or marketing stunt?

IT looks like the ghost of a young girl holding a teddy bear.

But people can't decide if this 'ghost', captured at the Good Life Festival in Brisbane, is real or a marketing stunt.

The photo was first posted on the Good Life Festival Facebook page last week as they flashed back to the February event.

And people were quick to point out the ghostly figure in the top right hand corner.

Matt Loxton | Facebook

"Am I the only one seeing this.....can someone explain wtf it is (sic)?" Matt Loxton wrote, sharing a close up of the figure (pictured left).

Thousands of comments later and Good Life released a statement:

"Good Life Management have been made aware of a photo from Good Life Brisbane 2016, showing what appears to be the ghost of a young girl holding a teddy and hovering on the roof of a building over looking the festival," they wrote on their Facebook page.

"We have checked with the photographer who took the photo and the original image from the memory stick also shows the girl.

"We have since spoken with the Brisbane Showgrounds who have revealed that ground staff refuse to go near one of the old warehouses after repeated sightings of a young girl.

"It is rumoured a little girl named Lucy died at the site in the early 1900's and has haunted it since," Good Life said.

Michael Gitsham commented on the statement saying: "I know the story well from being in the RNA.

"The ghost who haunts the sheds was rumoured to be the daughter of Mr McConnel, the presidents daughter of the RNA. Lucy Jane McConnel.

"In 1908, when watching the fireworks display at the end of the Royal Exhibition on the final night; she stood to get a better view with her teddy in her hand, then a gust of wind caused her to loose her step. She fell to her death down the roof. She was just eight-years-old...

"To this day, she haunts the sheds, playing tricks on those who enter at night, a little girls voices can be heard playing and climbing the roof retaking her steps towards her death.

"I was told about this from one of the past board members who was head of the stewards at show," he wrote.

Since then Good Life have been investigating Lucy the ghost but say they've been "unable to collaborate any of the stories.

"'Lucy' was simply the first info we received from some Showgrounds staff," they wrote in a follow-up Facebook post.

"Others in the area swear she also haunts the park next door and some are saying she is the Brisbane Showgrounds presidents daughters (which seems unlikely).

"It is very difficult to find facts amongst so many urban legends and very little records.

"Some suggested that 'Lucy' was in fact the same 'ghost' used in the game GTA."

So Good Life had a graphic designer take the GTA image and "place it next to our original image and add opacity".

"We can confidently de-bunk this claim as the shape, colours and hair do not match Lucy.

"The image is what it is, we want to believe, we will let you make up your own mind," they said.

And people can't decide.

Some have accused Good Life of doctoring the image:

"Good Life photoshopped the photo as a marketing stunt," Facebooker Ian Moir commented. "The photographer posted this photo (the original photo with no ghost) to her fb today and deleted it 5mins after. A couple of hours later her personal and business fb pages had been deleted (sic)."

But Good Life quashed his claims: "Oh dude, your photoshop is sooooo bad and you should feel bad. Our photographer was a guy. Nice try though!"

They are still standing by the authenticity of the image.