One of the signs which sparked the debate back in 2010
One of the signs which sparked the debate back in 2010 Rob Williams

Govt vows to penalise outdoor signs that break rules

THE Queensland government has decided the advertising industry is doing enough to regulate itself, but has left itself the option of coming in with a bigger stick if advertisers don't abide by the regulator's rulings.

In response to a parliamentary inquiry into sexually explicit outdoor advertising that recommend the creation of a co-regulatory approach to outdoor advertising, the government has opted to act as back up to the industry's self-regulatory approach.

"The Queensland government will investigate enforcement options to penalise advertisers that do not comply with the determinations of the Advertising Standards Board," the government tabled in response to the recommendation.

It has disappointed Katter MP Shane Knuth who had attempted to change the laws surrounding outdoor advertising.

"The reality is that community expectations are clearly in favour of governments stepping in and making advertisers clean up their act," he said.

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