The Grahamwich

IF somebody told you he was going to “redefine” the sandwich shop, would you think he could do it? What if that someone was Graham Elliot: the culinary director of Lollapalooza, a judge on the TV show MasterChef, and the owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant? Would you believe him?

If you make your way to Grahamwich, a six-month old eatery in Chicago’s chic river north area, you can judge for yourself. Try the Grahamwich grilled cheese: a crusty Pullman loaf piled high with Wisconsin cheddar, Italian prosciutto, tomato marmalade, and cheese curds. Or sample his tuna sandwich, which comes dressed up with roasted pineapple, wasabi peas, yuzu aioli, and sweet soy sauce. Then let your taste buds decide. And the verdict, to be fair, is out.

But don’t be fooled: this place isn’t just about the sammies. The folks at Grahamwich also serve up house-made sodas, truffle-laced popcorn, and gourmet soft-serve whose flavors change with the seasons.

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