Eloise Handley

Greens boss begs ALP to 'think of the next generation'

GREENS Leader Christine Milne has called on the Labor Party to "think of the next generation", as the Opposition moves towards allowing the Abbott Government to repeal the carbon tax.

Reports on Wednesday revealed senior Labor figures were considering allowing Prime Minister Tony Abbott to scrap the tax, to give Labor material to campaign on a return to an emissions trading scheme in three years.

The party, under then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, promised to "terminate" the tax before the election, bringing forward the ETS by a year, in an attempt to nullify the Coalition's successful attacks on the tax.

Just a week after recreating its frontbench, the Labor Party has begun an internal debate over whether to allow the government to repeal the carbon price.

But Senator Milne said the reports of a "back flip" by the Opposition showed the party was not serious about address climate change.

She told reporters in Hobart that the issue remained the "greatest challenge we face", calling on the party to "think about the children, the next generation", before considering party political positions.

The issue is expected to heat up in coming weeks, as federal parliamentarians prepare for the first sittings of the 44th parliament.