UPDATE: AN IPSWICH Magistrate yesterday ordered greyhound live baiting poster boy Tom Noble pay vet fees for two piglets injured by dogs on top of a $1,500 fine.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess fined Noble, 69, after he pleaded guilty to three criminal charges and three animal protection charges brought by the RSPCA.

The court heard Noble's Churchable property was searched in February last year where two piglets were uncovered.

One was in a hessian bag and had some old wounds and dog bites while the other was in a crate and had a large wound on its back consistent with a dog bite which vets later concluded had been present for a least a week.

Defence Barrister Angus Edwards said a person Noble knew as "the pig man" delivered the piglets, which were already injured, the previous day.

Both the piglets were cared for by the RSPCA and made a full recovery.

The court heard Noble dismantled a police camera installed at a neighbouring property in March this year.

Mr Edwards said Noble "thought the camera was being used to spy on him so he dismantled the camera and caused less than $30 damage".

The camera was installed by police to monitor Noble while he was on probation for serious animal cruelty offences.

 Noble pleaded guilty to one count each of wilful damage, trespass and contravention of a prohibition order and three charges brought by the RSPCA namely one count of breaching a duty of care to an animal and two counts of keeping an animal for live baiting.

Mr Edwards submitted his client be convicted and not further punished for the offending considering he served six days custody in March.

"It wouldn't ordinarily be visited in a case like this and he has already been punished," he said.

It came after Noble was sentenced to three years imprisonment wholly suspended for a guilty plea on 15 counts of serious animal cruelty in September.

Ms Sturgess said she was concerned Noble had continued to participate in greyhound training despite the prohibition order restricting his practice.

"You were well aware your conduct was being observed and you continued to be involved in the training of greyhounds and took active steps to prevent yourself being observed," she said.

Outside court Noble said he was apologetic of his actions.

Noble was fined $1, 500 and ordered to pay $23.76 for the damage caused to the police camera, $250 for vet fees payable to the RSPCA and $86.80 summons fess also payable to the RSPCA.

EARLIER: FORMER greyhound trainer Tom Noble has appeared before court again this morning, where he was issued a hefty fine for damaging police property and mistreating animals.

Noble pleaded guilty to a total of six charges in Ipswich Magistrates Court, including the wilful damage of a camera police had installed near Noble's Churchable training track to monitor his movements while he was on probation for serious animal cruelty offences.

Noble was also charged with several RSPCA offences relating to the keeping of two pigs, which later required veterinary treatment.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess fined Noble $1,500, while also ordering him to pay $250 in vet costs, and $23.76 for damage to a police camera.