A Gympie electoral candidate stirred up a storm on social media.
A Gympie electoral candidate stirred up a storm on social media. Brett Wortman

Gympie election candidate stirs up social media storm

WHEN Gympie Regional Council election candidate Leonora Cox called for a complete ban on balloons at outdoor public events in this region it created quite a storm on social media.

Candidate calls for ban on balloons

Gympie Chamber wades into council business

"I respectfully request that Gympie Regional Council bans balloons at all outdoor events immediately...

"The recent Gympie Show, last night's (Wednesday, July17) Winter On Mary, and many other local events have been absolutely fantastic for those who attended, vendors, local businesses, and visitation to the area. All the organisers are to be highly commended for their work.

"However, I feel very strongly that we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of waste at these events.

"I saw at least 20 balloons float off into the sky and many more deflated ones lying around on the pavement last night. There are many alternatives that can be handed out rather than balloons," MsCox wrote.

When this story was shared to Facebook, many agreed with MsCox's position, simply saying "yes" to the question should the council ban balloons and single-use plastics at their events.

Some commentators expanded on their answers, explaining why they agreed.

Joan Legg said, "Yes, balloons cause all sorts of damage to wildlife and the environment."

"Yes and stop the fireworks as well. Total waste of money," said Karla Loren.

Tracey Leigh W-st said, "Yes, ban balloon releasing. It's a big killer of land and marine animals and (causes) bird entanglements."

A green sea turtle in care after ingesting a balloon
DEADLY: A green sea turtle in care after ingesting a balloon. Blair Witherington

Sarah Jane Mcgregor said, "Paper lanterns are much prettier and more environmentally friendly."

While the majority were in support, a minority disagreed.

"Oh my goodness. The world has gone crazy," said Karen Daly.

"As a nation I think we just need to ban fun. I'm over being happy," said Scotty Adam.

Ben Waters also disagreed.

"Just what we need, more rules on restricting our freedoms. If you are against balloons then don't buy them. If you're not, buy them. The impact of a few kids losing their balloons is not drastic enough to warrant a ban," he said.