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Hacker watched baby sleep through high tech monitor

A FAMILY in Canada reportedly discovered that someone was watching their baby sleep through their own monitor.

A hacker allegedly took control of the couple's monitor while they were putting their two-year-old son to bed in their home in Middlesex County, Ontario.

The high tech camera device they used to monitor their son was internet-enabled to allow the parents to check on their child using their mobile smartphones.

The father of the boy, who did not wish to be named, told CTV London that he heard eerie music coming from the monitor camera on the ceiling while he held his son.

The man got closer to inspect it and said he heard a male voice saying "as he rocks his son to sleep".

Local police called the incident "disturbing" but said that it would be difficult to track down the culprit as they may have committed the act from another country.

Police advise that parents review access features before using Wi-Fi baby monitors, change the default password, do not share access, and cover the camera when it is not in use.