Councillor James Hansen hopes flood isn’t catastrophic

COUNCILLOR James Hansen is worried for his division's fate after Cyclone Marcia travels through.

With the region expected to get up to 400mm of rain over the next 24-48 hours, Cr Hansen is convinced his area will experience some flooding.

He had watched his division, including Howard and Pacific Haven, flood in the past.

"I hope it's not as catastrophic as it was in 2013," Cr Hansen said.

"I haven't heard anything too specific about how much we'll get and where though."

Cr Hansen said he knew what it took for division 1 to flood.

"I hear we may get up to 300mm in the next 24 hours," he said.

"And it only takes 100mm to flood some parts around here."

The dairy farmer said there were certain areas he was most concerned about.

"All the low-lying areas including Pacific Haven and even my place could get isolated over the weekend," he said.