Have children these days lost all respect for their parents?

HOW could you live with yourself after threatening your own parents both verbally and physically?

A Maryborough man pleaded guilty after he threatened to burn down his parents' house and kill their dogs, as well as hitting his father to the head with a clenched fist.

All because he wasn't allowed to borrow the keys to their BMW.

While I don't know the ins and outs of the story and what went on behind closed doors, I do know this type of behaviour should not be tolerated in society.

We're taught to respect our elders, not abuse them.

I couldn't imagine showing this type of behaviour towards anyone, let alone my own parents.

This man's parents were forced to hide in a bush in fear of their own son!

What sort of society do we live in.

My father said to me recently - oh love I wouldn't bother having children if I were you.

When I asked why he said because they'll be in a world with children that have no respect and while I do agree a lot more children these days show nothing but disrespect, I will certainly be having children.

Imagine if we all had that mentality?

There would be no good children left in our world if the good people stopped having kids.

What do you think? Do we live in a society where children no longer show respect for their parents? Join the discussion and tell us below.