Have your say on foreshore erosion


THE Esplanade tourist precinct plans include the expansion of Nielsen Park west past the existing amenities and shelter shed with sea views.

Also from Tavistock St west to the present beach entry, more sea views are planned.

This means the destruction of most of the trees and vegetation on the esplanade here.

Further filtered sea views are planned from Aquavue to Scarness Caravan Park.

This means further trimming (damaging), thinning (destruction) and crown lifting (damaging).

The tennis court will be demolished and a new "all-purpose court" will be constructed just west of Aquavue.

Together this could mean the destruction of up to 100 native trees.


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This foreshore is classified as "remnant vegetation".

Its removal will trigger the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995.

During ex-cyclone Oswald in January, 2013 up to 15 metres and 3 metre scarp of beach were eroded away here.

Cottonwoods which protected this shoreline during cyclone Fran in 1994 had been removed by this council.

Rock walls planned for Torquay will eventually mean no beach, like Redcliffe. We need the sand dunes and vegetation zone for protection and beauty, like the Sunshine Coast.

The northerlies will start blowing in October with wind, sand and salt damage to vegetation, turf, footpaths, road and shops causing more maintenance costs to ratepayers and businesses.

Have your say on the council website surveys and stop this destruction and wastage of ratepayers' money.


Organiser of the Hervey Bay foreshore protection petition