LEGACY Jolly Dollies are certainly a jolly group of women.

They have a good time listening to each other's stories and enjoy being in good company.

Joan Cant has been a Legacy widow for more than six years and joined the group when Ian Bryant picked her up and took her to a meeting.

"When I came I felt good, I wasn't worried about what was going to happen," she said.

"I get on with everyone and when we come here we have a great time and the friendships are great."

Legacy is a valuable support service and Joan said that if anyone has a problem the Legatee's would assist.

"The Legatee's offer advice and if we want to make a will they'll come and help us with it." Joan said.

"They visit occasionally for a chat too."

Ian Bryant was Joyce Lloyd's Legatee and introduced her to the Jolly Dollies.

"I've been a widow for 16 years and the group have been quite good at helping me cope," Joyce said.

"They're a nice group, everyone is friendly and happy.

"The Legatees are very helpful and if we need them they go out of their way to help," Joyce said.

Carole Keller's Air Force husband died two years ago and she attended her first Jolly Dollies meeting last week.

"I found out about the group when I was with Legacy in Yeppoon and my legatee wrote down the three things I can go to when I came to Hervey Bay to live.

"They were the Laurel club, War Widows and Jolly Dollies. War widows have a few younger women, which I like, but I wasn't sure what to expect from the Jolly Dollies," Carole said.

"Everyone is very welcoming and I'm glad I came. I like the group because we all have the same things in common. It's definitely been a lifesaver."