Hobbs made a mess of his life but has begun an impressive recovery, the judge said.
Hobbs made a mess of his life but has begun an impressive recovery, the judge said. monkeybusinessimages

He lost it all to addiction - but has a second chance

AS ICE became his master, Adam Peter Hobbs lost his job, accommodation and contact with his family.

The drug's insidious impact on the man from a "good family” was outlined at Hobbs's sentencing on Friday.

Hobbs appeared in Tweed Heads local court in 2015 for breaking and entering.

Extradited the year after to Queensland, he had been in custody ever since.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Hobbs, 42, first sold drugs to fund his own habit.

Then he sold for profit.

Justice Martin Burns said this was a "remarkable” case.

That was partly because Hobbs had only one minor entry in his criminal history before drug problems took over in 2013.

"You come from a good family with every advantage given to you.”

Hobbs also had a good work history but ice addiction had swept that aside, the judge said.

"You met and became involved with [people] on the Gold Coast after which you used methylamphetamine in significant quantities.”

"You made a mess of your life at that point,” Justice Burns added.

And his life would remain a mess unless he stayed off drugs, the judge said.

But Hobbs had made "great strides” towards rehabilitation, said Justice Burns.

People familiar with Hobbs's efforts were "hopeful” for his future, the judge added.

Justice Burns also praised Hobbs for setting himself realistic, achievable rehabilitation goals.

The judge reduced his sentence for drug trafficking from five years to three years.

The court heard Hobbs had served about 37 months in custody since his involvement with ice.

Justice Burns ordered Hobbs to be released on parole immediately.

Hobbs appeared happy after sentencing and gave his barrister a thumbs up. -NewsRegional