WATCH: Fraser Coast athletes competing in CrossFit Open


SCALING in at 55kg, Hervey Bay athlete Lincoln McIntyre can lift more than double his weight.

"How do you lift so much weight for a scrawny kid?"

That's the reaction the 17-year-old said he gets when people find out he does CrossFit.


Hervey Bay Crossfit teen Lincoln McIntyre.
Hervey Bay Crossfit teen Lincoln McIntyre. Valerie Horton

The Urangan State High School Year 12 student can also jump almost his entire height, string together countless muscle-ups and climb a rope without legs in the blink of an eye.

Currently, Lincoln is competing in the CrossFit Open.

It's an international event that finds the fittest people on earth.

After the competition's third round, Lincoln is ranking in as the 55th fittest athlete in his age group in the country. There are two more rounds to go.

"The workouts get tough, and your body wants to gives up but your mind doesn't," Lincoln said.

"But you just have to keep going."

Hervey Bay Crossfit teen Lincoln McIntyre.
Hervey Bay Crossfit teen Lincoln McIntyre. Valerie Horton

Training at Fraser Coast Strength and Conditioning, Lincoln finds his workout regime around school and work.

"I train about four times a week," he said.

"And when I'm on holidays, it's a lot more."

Lincoln jumped into his first CrossFit class at the young age of 14.

"Dad started CrossFit first and at home he would show myself and my brothers moves he learned," Lincoln said.

"Then my brothers and I joined, to improve our minds and physical body."

That first class he attended was full of adults, of course.

"It was a little scary," he said.

CrossFit combines the elements of other sports including athletics, weightlifting and gymnastics through programmed workouts.

Lincoln has a history of gymnastics which allowed him to ace elements that many others struggle with, like handstand walks and pull-ups, almost immediately.


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"My brother Emery who also still does it and I have some rivalry," Lincoln said.

"If it's a workout with gymnastics movements in it, he'll know I'll beat it but if it's a workout based around weightlifting it might go his way."

Though gymnastics is his strong point, his weightlifting has developed into a strength too.

Lincoln can deadlift 135kg, snatch 61kg, and clean-and-jerk almost 80kg.

With graduation around the corner, the athlete foresees CrossFit to be in his future.

"My goal is to make regionals at some point," Lincoln said

"Next year I'll be competing in the open category which will include elite athletes, and I really want to get into the top half for that.

"I'd like to get into coaching as well."