‘He sold my son crack and I will get you’

A BOWEN woman who threatened a mother and 'ripped apart' a security door because she suspected their son had sold her own son drugs has appeared before court.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Bowen Magistrates Court to wilful damage and committing public nuisance.

Prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court about 12.20am on December 21, the woman attended the address of the victim, parking in the driveway and honking her horn for several minutes to get the victim's attention.

When the victim came out of the house, the woman threatened her saying 'he sold my son crack and I will get you'.

The court heard the woman returned to the victim's address at about 1.30am and started striking the screen security door with an implement, yelling expletives such as 'open the door you f---ing c---s'.

"It was ripped apart, the door handles had fallen in from the attack," Sgt Myors said.

"There were golf to tennis sized dents left in the door from the attack."

A male resident was required to hold the door back to prevent it from opening, the court heard.

Solicitor Peta Vernon said the woman had been fishing with friends when her son accompanied the victim's son to return a four-wheeler.

When he had returned, the court heard his demeanour had allegedly changed and the woman strongly suspected he had taken drugs.

"There was a post on facebook egging it on and she reacted quickly and badly," Ms Vernon said.

"She instructs she despises any kind of drugs, and has zero tolerance as she has lost her sister to meth and it destroyed her family. She admits she reacted badly."

Magistrate James Morton said the offence was 'very serious behaviour' and questioned if the woman knew her son was under the influence of drugs.

"He may have been, I don't know. Either way it does not give you the right to go around and threaten and break down a door," Mr Morton said.

"The second time going back and destroying it with an implement that looks like a hammer is very serious and was only to cause fear."

"I accept you don't want them on ice, but it's everywhere unfortunately."

The woman was fined $1000 with conviction recorded, and ordered to pay $1551.73 in restitution for the screen security door.