“He was about a metre long": Snakes are still about

JUST because snakes are "semi-hibernating" in winter it doesn't mean they're nowhere to be seen, a snake catcher has warned. 

Fraser Coast snake catcher Roy McGrath said Monday's snake bite on the foot of a woman walking along Charlton Esplanade was a timely reminder for Fraser Coast residents to be aware that snakes are still about. 

"You do get the odd snake when it starts to warm up during the day," Mr McGrath said.

He said while snakes were "semi-hibernating" during the winter months and it was unusual to see them out and about this time of the year, people still needed to avoid them.

"You still have to watch where you walk," he said.

Only last week Mr McGrath was called to a home in Howard after reports of a red bellied black in the garage.

"I took him down to the swamp area and let him go," Mr McGrath said.

"He was about a metre long," he said.

The red bellied black snake caught by Christian Andersen.
A red bellied black, similar to this, was caught in the garage of a home in Howard. Keagan Elder

Mr McGrath said waterways were another spot to be mindful of snakes at any time of the year. 

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