Delegates visited St Stephen's Hospital to learn more about their digital systems.
Delegates visited St Stephen's Hospital to learn more about their digital systems. Contributed.

Health group visits Hervey Bay to see digital hospital

A NATIONAL health group has visited St Stephen's Hospital in Hervey Bay to learn about the systems in place in Australia's first digital hospital.

The Health Informatics Society of Australia, a not-for profit digital health community dedicated to the advancement of e-health, brought a group of delegates to the hospital on Friday.

Executive Director of UnitingCare Health Richard Royale said about 80 people had attended the event at St Stephen's Hospital to hear from individuals who have helped implement the system in the hospital.

The hospital was chosen to host the event because it is the country's first full integrated digital hospital.

After the presentations were made, the group was given a tour of the hospital and the guests were shown how to digital systems work to make the hospital more efficient, freeing up more time for nurses to spend time with patients and ensuring patients go the best possible care.

"It does improve patient outcomes," Mr Royale said.

The event sold out weeks ago, attracting the best clinicians, academics, information technology specialists and administrators from around the country.

Mr Royale said the plan nationwide was for other hospitals to adopt the same digital model employed at Hervey Bay Hospital.

He said other hospitals would learn from what St Stephen's had accomplished.

HISA chief executive officer Dr Louise Schaper said St Stephen's showcased healthcare delivered through state of the art technology.

"Digital healthcare systems like that at St Stephen's integrate an array of leading edge technologies, equipment and practise to deliver holistic high quality patient care," Dr Schaper said.

"Witnessing the latest healthcare technologies, practices and processes in operation and seeing how they co-operate in an integrated network environment, is a unique learning opportunity for delegates."