TELSTRA TROUBLES: Daniel Rudledge owns Noosa Office Choice and his dramas with Telstra and NBN are beyond ridiculous.
TELSTRA TROUBLES: Daniel Rudledge owns Noosa Office Choice and his dramas with Telstra and NBN are beyond ridiculous. John McCutcheon

'Heartbreaking': Business's unbelievable Telstra struggles

A COAST business owner was enticed to switch from Optus to Telstra when he saw an NBN offer, but he couldn't have predicted the "heartbreaking" year-long ordeal that would follow.

Daniel Rudledge, who owns Noosa Office Choice at Tewantin, said he was first visited by a Maroochydore Telstra shop representative in June last year who assured it would be an easy switch to NBN.

A year later and Mr Rudledge still doesn't have NBN, his three phone lines no longer work and his account was, at one point, given to a business in New South Wales.

"We've even received calls from women asking about wax treatments because they had us listed down as a day spa at one point," Mr Rudledge said.

"When I tell people about all that's happened they don't believe me.

"If you don't laugh about it you'll start crying."

For 14 years Mr Rudledge has owned the newsagent with his wife and his parents.

They have six phones in their large business and Telstra is currently diverting the business's phone numbers to one prepaid mobile.

On Friday Mr Rudledge spent another six hours on the phone to a representative.

"There were times when I was out the back on the phone and I was watching customers walk out the door because I couldn't be out there serving them, it was heartbreaking," he said.

"I've become quite concerned about my father's health because he's so worried about the whole thing and he's been losing sleep over it.

"It's gotten to a point where I try not to tell him too much."

Mr Rudledge said he couldn't gauge how much business he has lost.

Telstra regional general manager May Boisen said the newsagent's order was "unfortunately" only partly completed, but couldn't offer a reason why.

"We have initiated an investigation into why it wasn't completed at the time," she said.

"This is not the type of experience that we want for our customers undertaking an NBN connection.

"We have apologised personally (to) the customer for this inconvenience and will fast track the completion of this NBN connection."

Mr Rudledge said he was contacted again yesterday by a representative of Telstra's complaints division.

"He advised that he had been taken off the case and it had been escalated again now due to media involvement," he said.