Help 7-year-old Aedan stand up on his birthday today

DON'T forget to place a bid today to help Aedan Harris stand up.

Aedan turns seven today and needs thousands more dollars raised to have a sit-to-stand wheelchair bought.

His mum, Donna Harris, is hoping the ability to stand upright will allow her son to develop weight bearing strength in his legs.

"The doctors have never said he will walk, but they have never said he won't...and miracles happen every day," she said.

"It will be a whole new world as he'll be able to stand up to reach things he hasn't yet been able to reach by himself."

To place a bid, visit Aedan's Annual Birthday Auction on Facebook.

Bidding began at 8am and will end at 8pm Thursday. 

Prep students at Hervey Bay Special School - (L) Ashley Fray and Aedan Harris. Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Aedan Harris needs your help to raise money for a sit-to-stand wheel chair. Alistair Brightman