Alistair Brightman

Help police stamp out the violence at nightlife spots

VIOLENCE is becoming more and more common in our communities.

There is violence in our homes, perpetrated on women and children, and violence in our streets.

I respect that people have the right to make decisions about their own lives.

But I feel I need to encourage the man who was violently assaulted outside a Hervey Bay night spot at the weekend to make a formal complaint to police.

It will be very difficult for police to pursue the case without his assistance.

Violence is becoming an unacceptable part of our lives.

In the comments made on the photo of his injuries, which was posted to Facebook, the man seemed almost apologetic for his own injuries.

He told those commenting that maybe he shouldn't have been there, maybe at his age the night spot was the wrong place to be.

What rubbish.

This man has the right to frequent any venue of his choice without the expectation of violence.

I also encourage those who are the victims of violence not to take matters into their own hands, however tempting it may be to try to do that, lest those who are the victims end up on the wrong side of the law - or risk becoming exactly like the violent offenders who first attacked them.

The police are there to make sure justice is done when an illegal act is carried out in the community.

I ask this man to help police do their job and let justice be done by first making a complaint.

You won't just be helping yourself.

You'll also be helping the potential future victims of these violent offenders.