NO MORE:  Wide Bay Buccaneers coach Karl Herdle with Peter Guest (left). Herdle resigned today.
NO MORE: Wide Bay Buccaneers coach Karl Herdle with Peter Guest (left). Herdle resigned today. Mike Knott BUN241018BUC2

Herdle resigns as Buccaneers coach

FOOTBALL: The Wide Bay Buccaneers will be looking for its fourth coach in the space of 17 months after Karl Herdle resigned today.

Herdle confirmed the news to the NewsMail that he will no longer be coach of the club after taking the job last year for this season.

The former The Waves coach was meant to coach the side in the Football Queensland Premier League but instead managed the side in the Wide Bay Premier League after the Buccaneers removed themselves from the competition due to player numbers.

Herdle leaves the club with a record of two draws and four losses from his six games as coach.

He was the first manager to gain anything other than a loss for the Buccaneers in senior competition.

"I resigned because of accusations, false accusations, made against me," Herdle said.

"Me continuing to be at the club would have interrupted the players playing and changed the atmosphere."

"To me it's all about the football, so I left."

Herdle wouldn't elaborate today on what the accusations were and the specific reasons he resigned.

He is the third coach to leave the club after Tim Lunnon and Adrian Elmes coached the side in the inaugural season last year.

Wide Bay Buccaneers manager Stuart Taylor confirmed there have been accusations made at Herdle during his time at the club.

"We've received correspondence from a number of people in regards to his appointment," Taylor said.

"Those complaints were at a preliminary stage of assessment.

"They have now been referred to Football Queensland."

Taylor said the club accepted Herdle's resignation.

"The Wide Bay Buccaneers have received and accepted his resignation," he said.

"He came into the club at a difficult time and helped our program from last year to this year.

"The decision was his alone to resign.

"We respect his right to resign and to keep his reasons for his resignation private.

"The club wishes Herdle all the best for his future endeavours."

The resignation leaves the Buccaneers coachless heading into this weekend's clash with the United Warriors at the Fraser Coast Sports Precinct.

The match is on Saturday at 6pm.