Buccaneers coach Karl Herdle with Peter Guest.
Buccaneers coach Karl Herdle with Peter Guest. Mike Knott BUN241018BUC3

Herdle shocked by decision to pull out

FOOTBALL: Wide Bay Buccaneers seniors coach Karl Herdle says he will remain with the club despite not having a competition to coach in.

Herdle revealed to the NewsMail that he got told on Tuesday night at training and found out alongside the players in the senior side.

"Everyone was taken by surprise,” he said.

"The club knew earlier but the coaches and senior players only found out later.”

Herdle understood why the club and Football Queensland made the decision.

The club didn't have enough players to play in the three age groups.

"We had 14-16 players train with us,” he said.

"As you know that is no where near enough numbers to field three teams.”

Herdle said the players reaction was good with a commitment from them to remain at the club.

"Nobody is doing anything at the moment,” he said.

"Until answers are given the players will stick with the club.”

Herdle said his future was with the club as well.

He signed a two-year deal late last year and intends to stand by his contract.

"I'm going to hang around and see what is happening, see out my contract,” Herdle said.

"I'll be involved in whatever format I can be.

"We'll thrash this out and find a solution that fits with me and the club.”

Herdle said it was important for the Buccaneers to remain and provide that opportunity for players to compete against the best from around the state.

"Hopefully sooner or later the club can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

"We need clubs in the higher league, which leads up to the higher levels.”