Hervey Bay is running out of Internet Ports

I run my business from home, as many people do these days, and it is an online business however I'm unable to obtain an internet connection.

I've been told by Telstra that there are no more ports available in my area so I will just have to wait until the infrastructure is upgraded (which could take 3 years) or until someone else cancels their internet subscription (which will definitely not happen in a world where it's becoming more and more essential to be connected to the internet).

These days, it's almost like not having water or electricity at your house, it's an essential part of everyday life, especially if you work from home.

This is a new subdivision that I live in and there will be another 10-15 house being completed within the next few months, that means all these people will be without internet as well and they don't even know it yet.

Surely it's the responsibility of the developer or council to ensure that sufficient services are delivered to each new house that is constructed. In today's world, those services include, power, water, possibly gas, phone line and internet connectivity.