Hervey Bay resort "did not comply" with fire codes: Tribunal

AFTER an almost year-long dispute between a Hervey Bay resort and Queensland Fires and Emergency Services, the resort will be required to install two more fire doors.

Delfinos Bay Resort in Torquay has been denied its application to review the QFES' decision to issue a notice of failure to comply with current fire safety legislation, so must now take steps to remedy that non-compliance.

A Hervey Bay tribunal heard in January 2016 Delfinos Bay was told by the QFES that fire doors lacked "required tags" and a service agent found "various non-compliant issues".

Then Delfinos Bay sought a review of the decision, stating in its application when the resort plans were approved in the late 80s, they were never told to install fire doors in two main sections of the building.

"The fire door installation… continues to operate as designed and approved when construction was completed in 1987," the application read.

"The local Queensland Fire and Emergency Services needs to accept the decision ... made by those in authority at the time Delfinos Bay Resort was constructed in 1987."

QFES argued the plans approved under the Fire Safety Act 1974 indicated a requirement of fire safety doors for all three sections of the resort.

Tribunal member Bernadette Rogers dismissed the application.

"... I am satisfied there is a requirement for a fire safety installation in Delfinos Bay Resort, namely fire doors," Member Rogers said.

"The fact there has been non-compliance since the original occupation of the building... is no reason to waive a requirement imposed for the protection of public safety."