Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer tries out flyboarding at Torquay beach.
Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer tries out flyboarding at Torquay beach. Hervey Bay Stand Up Paddle

Sunrise weatherman tries flyboarding at Torquay beach

UPDATE: Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer turned into a rocket man on Tuesday morning when he tried out flyboarding at Torquay beach.

He sang the line "I believe I can fly" and said "what an adventure" while he was in the air.

Later on the beach, he told a spectator it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

A crowd of about 100 gathered on the beach to watch and greet the Channel 7 celebrity.

The Sunrise team will be on Fraser Island on Wednesday and at Pelican Banks on Thursday.

A spokesman said although they had planned to broadcast from the Fraser Coast on Friday as well, they now needed to be back in Sydney on Friday.

EARLIER: The Fraser Coast is being beamed into hundreds of thousands of Australian lounge rooms, coffee shops and offices on Tuesday as Grant Denyer - part of Channel 7's Sunrise team - broadcasts the weather from Hervey Bay.

Mr Denyer and his offsiders will spend four days in the region giving the Fraser Coast a much-needed boost following the recent flooding and tornado.

The Sunrise celebrity is a well-known daredevil and it is anticipated his mettle will be tested as he broadcasts from Aquavue Cafe Watersports from 5am.

Aquavue owner Larry Burch said the media personality would be invited to experience the excitement of jet boating and flyboarding as part of his segment.

"We are going to have about three or four of the flyboards in action, we have some guys coming up from Noosa to help put on a show," Mr Burch said.

"Grant Denyer should be going in the jet boat and also getting out on a flyboard."

Mr Denyer's background in extreme sports suggests he would welcome the excitement.

The one-time winner of Dancing with the Stars has raced in the V8 Supercar series and also holds the Guinness World Record for the world's highest tandem bungee jump at 300m.

Mr Burch said the public was welcome to join in the morning's activities.