MUSIC MEN: Jamie Saunders and David Salata from Ultra Music.
MUSIC MEN: Jamie Saunders and David Salata from Ultra Music. Alistair Brightman

Hervey Bay's music man wouldn't do business anywhere else

ONE business that's stood the test of time is David Salata's Ultra Music store on Main St in Pialba.

Several years prior to 2000, Mr Salata traded as David's Ultra Sound.

But as times and musical instruments evolved it was necessary to re-brand to simply, Ultra Music.

For more than 30 years Mr Salata and his team have sourced high quality musical instruments for musicians young and old.

The store enjoys a loyal following with returning adults (who grew up in the area) surprised that Mr Salata is still in the store.

Mr Salata's love of the Fraser Coast is enduring.

"It's a wonderful place for a family. The people are friendly. It's a safer environment and of course the climate is easy to live with," Mr Salata said.

Mr Salata wholly endorses the Fraser Proud initiative as one which highlights his own regional retail philosophy.

"I've generally found people are very loyal and lot of people do support the local businesses like mine or others because they know if they support us then we will stay in business and be able to continue to provide a quality service."

Mr Salata believes that internet buying hasn't affected his business, it's enhanced it as savvy customers do their research online then shop at Ultra Music.

"Customers come in and see us and we match prices and source the product for them.

"We get the right product at the right price without having them gambling with suspicious online copies. Its legitimate.

"There is nothing others can do online for a business like us who will get the same product within the same time frame"

Trust is a big part of local trade with customers who buy local reaping the benefits of personalised after sales service.

Ultra Music has built up that trust over the past few decades.

He attributes the success of his business to the trust and loyalty he has built up and says it's the way to keep businesses alive on the Fraser Coast.

"Supporting local means local businesses will stay longer in the town and help out when a customer needs a product.

"There is nothing you can't buy locally.

"If businesses are not supported then they'll all shut down and they'd (customers) have to rely on the internet," Mr Salata said.