HE MAY only be 20 but Mac Buxton has already sold millions of dollars in property and positioned himself to be a leader in the real estate game.

Accessorised with a bright smile, the Hervey Bay businessman has been in the industry for the past five years.

Yep, you calculated that right: He started out at the sheer age of 15.


Real estate agent - Mac Buxton.
Real estate agent - Mac Buxton. Alistair Brightman


Currently, he is a real estate agent with Whitney Real Estate Hervey Bay.

Looking at the company's banner and promotional posters, it's not hard to miss which one Mr Buxton is. He's the one that obviously looks the youngest.

"I don't see myself as 20; sometimes I have to sit back and remember that I am," Mr Buxton said.

Mr Buxton says the impact he is able to have on people's lives is what keeps his passion for the industry strong.

"I just love the opportunity to be able to help people," Mr Buxton said.

"A lot of people selling homes are doing it as a result of a stressful life event, such as marriage breakdowns or financial problems.

"So you become a part of helping them through that event.

"I purely do sales now, from open homes to listing homes and selling homes."

Through his consistent work ethic, Mr Buxton has been labeled the future of Fraser Coast real estate and the public definitely agrees.

He was voted the Best Real Estate Sales Person at the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism People's Choice Awards this year.

To show how Mr Buxton is not a typical young adult even more, he admitted to wearing a tie every single day of his career.

This included on the first day of work experience in Year 10 at Ray White, which started his whole journey.

"I was very shy when putting in the application for work experience," he said.

"When I came in after being accepted, I was told if you are going to wear a tie you must wear it correctly.

"And then, they showed me to how to put it on properly."

The short stint turned into regular weekend work for Mr Buxton and soon, the work commitments continued to grow.

After graduating Year 11, he made the decision to leave school and pursue real estate full-time.

"It was always back in my mind of whether leaving school was the right thing to do, and what if I didn't like it," he said.

"Starting working full-time itself wasn't a shock as I spent my holidays doing the full-time hours anyway."

After working at Ray White for a few years, Mr Buxton transitioned to Whitney Real Estate at the start of this year.


Real estate agent - Mac Buxton.
Real estate agent - Mac Buxton. Alistair Brightman


Mr Buxton himself mentioned that he was aware that real estate agents don't always have the best reputation due to stereotype, but said this didn't have to be so.

"Real estate agents are just above car sales people in most trusted careers or something like that," he said.

"I think the most important thing is to be genuine as if you're not, people can see through that."

With the world his oyster, Mr Buxton is now working towards a qualification which would allow him to run his own agency.