Leslie Jones was surprised by one of the star's from Game of Thrones.
Leslie Jones was surprised by one of the star's from Game of Thrones. Contributed

Hilarious: GoT star surprises famous superfan

LAST week's Game of Thrones was a big deal.

Not only was it a ratings juggernaut, it also featured an epic battle that gave history buffs something to freak out about. Basically, when it comes to GoT, freaking out is usually the correct response - and that's why it's the perfect show for Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones.

The comedian's infectious enthusiasm for the show shines through in a segment called 'Game of Jones' on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In the piece, host Seth Meyers joins Jones on a couch to watch the latest Thrones ep, and then the riffage begins. As Jones explains, Arya Stark is a "warrior," Jaime Lannister is a "one-armed bandit," Bran Stark is high out of his mind, and Bronn is "the dude in the hood that knows where all the one dollar cigarettes is". Jones would also totally get with Littlefinger, but she'd have to keep her eyes open.

Jones' enthusiasm for the TV show is already epic, so just imagine how much she freaks out when Lord Varys himself (Conleth Hill) plops down on the couch next to her. You imagining her freak out? Okay - multiply that times ten. You can watch 'Game of Jones' below, just make sure your headphones aren't turned all the way up. Things get loud!

Skip to 4.25 for the best bit:

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