Harry and Meghan share a moment.
Harry and Meghan share a moment.

Hilarious royal wedding ‘bad lip reading’ you need to see

IT was one of the biggest mysteries of the royal wedding: Just what were Harry and new wife Meghan saying to each other in those candid whispered moments during the ceremony?

A hilarious new video currently trending on YouTube answers that question ... in a way.

The YouTube account 'Bad Lip Reading' takes popular videos and redubs them, with hilarious and at times absurd results.

So far, almost 2.5 million people have watched the account's latest effort, in which highlights from last weekend's wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gets the bad lip reading treatment.

Check it out below - you'll find a screechy opera singer, a Harry Potter-spouting vicar, and an existential convo between Harry and brother William, who tells his younger bro that they're actually puppets with no free will. Deep.


Now hurry up and dub the whole ceremony, guys. We'd watch.