TERRI Alderson knows exercising isn't glamorous but she has a message to those who are self-conscious about it: You have got nothing to lose but kilograms.

Punching back at the bullies who picked on Toowoomba woman Rebecca Ruse's weight, telling her to "run, fatty, run", Ms Alderson said she admired anyone who raised a sweat for better health.

"Just do it, give it a shot, you have just got to take that first step," she said.

"You'll gain so much confidence."

Since signing up for early ReBorn Health and Fitness morning bootcamp sessions six weeks ago, Terri has become a more energetic mother-to-three.

While the 38-year-old Wondunna woman feels confident gasping for air when working-out in baggy sweat pants and a top, she said it was harder for those self-conscious about their looks.

"If it is quite an overweight person, I take my hat off to them for finding that motivation, because a lot of people wouldn't," she said.

She knows this from experience - a friend of hers declined to sign-up for the bootcamp because she said she was too unfit to begin.


"For me, I don't care what anyone else thinks," she said.


"If it is something that I want to do and it makes me feel good, it doesn't really bother me how I look to other people."

Ms Alderson hopes to lose about 15 kilograms.