Holiday-maker swaps cable ties for flowers to stop magpies

HOLIDAY-maker Kay Stachurski has forgone spiky cable ties and instead turned to flowers to help deter Hervey Bay's swooping magpies.

The New Zealander attached bright blooms to her helmet for her holiday in Hervey Bay.

She said the flower hat, made with the fake variety, attracted plenty of attention from passers-by, and did its job to deflect magpies and butcher birds.

"They'll sort of swoop down and then swoop away," Ms Stachurski said.

Both cyclists and pedestrians across the Fraser Coast will need to be wary of swooping birds for at least another month, with the swooping season not expected to finish until the end of November.

Queensland's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection advises people to wear broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses to protect their face from magpies.

The department also advises people to find alternate routes away from nests during the magpie breeding season.

Throwing sticks or yelling at magpies is not advised because the creatures are likely to be more aggressive next time a person wanders near their nest.

We're working on putting together a magpie map for Maryborough and Hervey Bay to show where magpies are swooping so let us know where you've seen magpies attacking by commenting below.

Kay Stachurski says she's designed the perfect magpie deflector.
Kay Stachurski says she's designed the perfect magpie deflector. Robyne Cuerel