YOU just never know what's around the next corner.

That's what one Grafton resident discovered just after 11pm on Wednesday night when he almost ploughed into half a dozen head of cattle at a roundabout in the middle of the city.

The resident was driving north along Villiers St and was about to turn left into Dobie St when he was confronted by the small herd.

"There's no traffic at that time of night, so I must admit I wasn't a hundred per cent switched on and was happily listening to John Oliver explaining cryptocurrency on Youtube while munching on Maccas," he said.

"Grafton's streets are grid-shaped, so there's a number of ways to get home, and at the roundabout I sometimes go left, sometimes go straight.

"I think I'd just decided 'yeah, I'll chuck a left', when bam, they were right there.

"I slammed on the brakes and their trot came to a halt and I was eyeballing this cow across the dash - I'm not sure who was more shocked.

"They were black too, so I was lucky I even saw them in the dark.

"I couldn't believe it. It's just the last thing you expect. I thought 'Have I lost my mind? I've got to record this on my phone'.

"I pulled over and called the cops, someone had already called them and they updated the job. I shook my head and drove home.

"Where did they come from?"