ENTERING WITHOUT PERMISSISON: A man has entered a house at 4am in the morning and badly injured a elderly man
ENTERING WITHOUT PERMISSISON: A man has entered a house at 4am in the morning and badly injured a elderly man Tom Weber

Home invasion leaves elderly man in hospital unable to walk

A TERRIFYING ordeal in the early hours of the morning has resulted in a man being seriously injured and rushed to hospital for surgery.

It was just like any normal Friday night: Coming home and getting ready for bed after a nice meal at the Miles Bowls Club, however in the early hours on Saturday morning things took a dramatic turn.

Miles resident Dee Locke went to the toilet around 4am on Saturday, October 5 as she usually does, before she came face-to-face with a stranger, giving her the fright of her life.

"I said 'what what are you doing here?'

He was mumbling something and I ran straight back in and said to my husband Greg there is somebody out there," Mrs Locke said.

"He said that's probably our son Brett walking around.

"And I said no, there's somebody out there."

"So Greg got up and they had a bit of a scuffle outside."

Mrs Locke knew something was wrong so she got her son to immediately ring the ambulance.

She was then confronted with her husband in a situation no wife would ever dream of seeing their loved one in.

He was in a great deal of pain with a puncture hole under his eye, a fractured cheekbone and his ankle had broken off where his heel is suppose be.

Mr Locke was then rushed to Miles hospital before being taken to Toowoomba hospital where he has been since.

Unknown when he will be released, Mr Locke will undergo surgery to put screws in his ankle and will be in wheelchair when he returns home.

The couple has only been living in Miles for two months, and while the incident has left the family shaken, and fearful, it hasn't changed how they feel about their new home.

"It was a very traumatic experience," Mrs Locke said.

"I'm now unable to sleep at night and I'm trying not to drink anything at night, that way I don't have to go to the toilet."

The family live in an old Queenslander style house with an enclosed verandah where the toilet, bathroom and laundry are.

It doesn't have a doorway that could have let the offender in, but they still ended up on the premises.

The couple has always wanted to live in a country town where everyone knows everybody.

"I've received many messages of support which I have really appreciated," Mrs Locke said.

"This is why I wanted to move here to Miles - its the little towns with the community coming together through hardships supporting each other."