A man faced Mackay Magistrates Court for punching a man that parked on his lawn
A man faced Mackay Magistrates Court for punching a man that parked on his lawn Wiki Commons

Home owner punches driver in face for parking on his lawn

A BUCASIA man whose patience had worn thin by motorists parking on his lawn to drop their kids off at a nearby primary school "snapped", pushing him to punch a man in the face.

Brett Edward Skewpeck, a 37-year-old electrician, pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrates Court to one charge of common assault for punching a man on April 24 this year.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson said about 8.50am that day, a man was parked on Boden St with his family in the car to drop his son off at Bucasia State School. Skewpeck's property is on the border of the rear access to the school.

He approached the car, which had two wheels on the road and two on the lawn, yelling "get the fu-- off my property". Mr Skewpeck then reached through the open passenger door and punched the man, causing his mouth to bleed.

The court was told this was the second run-in between Skewpeck and the man, after a wilful damage incident some time ago over the same parking issue.

Defence solicitor Jordana Abela, of McKay's Solicitors, said Skewpeck has owned the property for seven years and has had to constantly deal with people parking on his lawn and blocking his driveway.

Skewpeck had notified police, who told him to erect signage. He did this, however those signs were ignored by errant motorists, the court was told, and police further advised Skewpeck to call them whenever he needed to report a driver.

This is exactly what he did on April 24, but instead of shooing the driver, police arrested Skewpeck.

Ms Abela said Skewpeck had also gone to the council for help and they had refused to offer assistance until recently. The council has now offered to plant trees on the lawn but said it was unlikely this would help.

"He has previously not been able to get to work due to callous parking on his driveway," Ms Abela said.

"As a result of cars constantly parking on his lawn, the grass doesn't grow and there's always rubbish, such as chip packets."

"Due to the years of ongoing frustration, he did snap."

Magistrate John Aberdeen said the property was "odd" because it didn't have a cemented driveway.

"What has been going on here is that because your fence is right back people seem to take that expanse of grass as an invitation to drive up," he said.

"Apart from signs I don't know what I'd do either."

Skewpeck was fined $500 and no conviction was recorded.